Mistaken Arrest of Member of the Design Community

The detail are not yet fully clear but what is know is that Takeshi Miyakawa, a member of the furniture and design community has been arrested for his art installation. He placed LEDs in plastic I Heart NY bags and hung them in New York to coincide with design week and was charged with “placing a false bomb”. You can read the whole story in the Times here

From what I have read in the Times and knowing Takeshi personally I feel that an injustice has been done and that part of the role of those in the design community is to look out for each other. To that end we would like to gather as much information as possible about this on our message boards and discuss what we can do to help. Please help right this wrong
Latest update as of May 25
Takashi has been released “ROR” after many days in jail during which he was not interviewed about the activities which led to his arrest. At a hearing on wednesday the lawyer for the defence used this lact of interview to ask for his release. This is not the end of the matter, far from it, takashi is facing charges of six felonies and multiple misdemeanors. He was to be held until a hearing on the 21st of June. A month in jail for as a result of a simple understanding? Felony charges for promoting design week? It is not the purpose of this website to get too political, but rather to support designers in their work. We will keep you updated, and please use the boards, make phone calls to your representatives, and do what you can to fix this.