Why I’m a Member of Furniture New York

As a New Yorker I have the thought from time to time that I’m sure all of you occasionally have, “Why do I live here considering all that we have to put up with.” You can list some very real compromises we make to live here but in the end for an equally long list of reasons we’re not leaving.
The main reason is financial. I cannot do the kind of work that I do in another city. I need to be close to my clients, my suppliers, talented employees. The second reason is community, I like having people around (mostly). I get inspired and more creative, I see what not to do, and when I need help or feel like complaining I am glad I live here.
This is why I am a member of Furniture New York. Yes part of it is financial, discounts on shows and great contacts and exposure, but the community of designers is what is most important to me. I need to see the work friends and to have them see my efforts. I need to keep inspired and creative, and for that I need both New York and my community of New Yorkers.