Why I’m a Member of Furniture New York

As a New Yorker I have the thought from time to time that I’m sure all of you occasionally have, “Why do I live here considering all that we have to put up with.” You can list some very real compromises we make to live here but in the end for an equally long list of reasons we’re not leaving.
The main reason is financial. I cannot do the kind of work that I do in another city. I need to be close to my clients, my suppliers, talented employees. The second reason is community, I like having people around (mostly). I get inspired and more creative, I see what not to do, and when I need help or feel like complaining I am glad I live here.
This is why I am a member of Furniture New York. Yes part of it is financial, discounts on shows and great contacts and exposure, but the community of designers is what is most important to me. I need to see the work friends and to have them see my efforts. I need to keep inspired and creative, and for that I need both New York and my community of New Yorkers.


Did you look?

What is it about form that attracts your attention? Just from a glance. Is it the material, structure, scale, or the gesture?

Now what is it that catches your eye and holds your attention- provoking memories, feelings, thoughts…? Beyond performing primary functions, can a piece of furniture propel you into a new state of mind the way art would?

If you’re on the hunt for furnishings with unique spirit or bold presence, here are a few select works from the FNY Community that can sustain anyone’s attention and are sure to be conversational pieces:

Tribeca Single Bulb Pendant, by Michael Mchale Designs

Zig Zag Redux, by Peter Harrison

VJBG Custom Locker, by Boca Grande Furnishings

Glass Hall Table, by Nico Yektai

Snaka Wakas, by Tucker Robbins

Corner Piece, by Nico Yektai

Doors To My Past, by Nico Yektai

Cloisonne Autumn Scene Folding Screen, by Chandeysson
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Jared Goss Presents the work of Emile Jacques Ruhlmann

For those of us who love the work of this Art Deco master this chance to hear the presentation of Jared Goss is an exciting event. Furniture New York will host the event at the Design Center at 200 Lexington Ave on the evening of Tuesday June 26. The event starts at six and should finish near eight.
Jared Goss is a curator of modern art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and is one of the curators responsible for the Met’s 2004 exhibit of “Ruhlmann: Genius of Art Deco” and is an expert on his work.
This event is an open event and Furniture New York and the Design Center welcome all of those who wish to attend what promises to be a memorable and enlightening evening.

The Future Of Green Design: Panel Discussion

Furniture New York member David Bergman, author of Sustainable Design, will be participating in a panel discussion on the future of green design on Thursday, June 7, 7:00 P.M. at Van Alen Books.

The details are as follows:

Hope you can make it to this exciting panel discussion on the future of green design.

Susan Szenasy, Mitchell Joachim and Victoria Milne will have some great insights, and I’ll try to say something smart, too.


Call it green design, ecodesign or sustainable design, it’s come a long way since we first started giving it names. Evolving from outlier to, arguably, mainstream, where is the field now and where is it headed’? This is the closing question posed in the new book, Sustainable Design: A Critical Guide.

To explore this question. Metropolis Magazine Editor-in-Chief Susan S. Szenasy will moderate a panel discussion with architect and Sustainable Design author David Bergman, Terreform ONE Co-Founder and Planetary ONE partner Mitchell Joachim, and NYC Department of Design and Construction Director of Creative Services Victoria Milne.

Van Alen Books is NYC’s architecture and design bookstore located at Van Alen Institute’s headquarters at 30 West 22nd Street. Find out more atwww.vanalenbooks.org.

Mistaken Arrest of Member of the Design Community

The detail are not yet fully clear but what is know is that Takeshi Miyakawa, a member of the furniture and design community has been arrested for his art installation. He placed LEDs in plastic I Heart NY bags and hung them in New York to coincide with design week and was charged with “placing a false bomb”. You can read the whole story in the Times here

From what I have read in the Times and knowing Takeshi personally I feel that an injustice has been done and that part of the role of those in the design community is to look out for each other. To that end we would like to gather as much information as possible about this on our message boards and discuss what we can do to help. Please help right this wrong
Latest update as of May 25
Takashi has been released “ROR” after many days in jail during which he was not interviewed about the activities which led to his arrest. At a hearing on wednesday the lawyer for the defence used this lact of interview to ask for his release. This is not the end of the matter, far from it, takashi is facing charges of six felonies and multiple misdemeanors. He was to be held until a hearing on the 21st of June. A month in jail for as a result of a simple understanding? Felony charges for promoting design week? It is not the purpose of this website to get too political, but rather to support designers in their work. We will keep you updated, and please use the boards, make phone calls to your representatives, and do what you can to fix this.

Congratulations to the winners of the ICFF group booth contest

Furniture New York members submitted their work to a panel of other members who are currently participating in the ICFF. This jury of their peers judged the works on design and craftsmanship, to choose the best work to represent FNY at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair to be held at the Javits Center, May 19-22. The group booth looks to be a good one this year as the final results are in.

Furniture New York Group Booth #2440
Dates & More Information
Michael Mchale Designs will be showing a Tribeca Banqueting Chandelier Profile

Peter Harrison and Lavassa will present a pair of Ziz Zag Redux chairs Profile


Fire and Water will be represented by the CycLED chandelier Profile



May Furniture is showing a coffee table and tray in walnut Profile


Noble Goods will be showing a Creature Table Profile

Congratulations to the winners of this years contest.  See you at the Javits Center  ICFF Booth #2440

David Bergman: Sustainable Design- A Critical Guide

David Bergman of Fire & Water has informed us of the release of his latest book: Sustainable Design- A Critical Guide.

Available from Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble

SustainableDesign_release.pdf (1 page)-1.jpgThe fact that we live in a closed system with limited and dwindling resources is something many of us prefer, or choose, not to think about. But this concept of finite planet should be seen as an opportunity for designers to implement impactful, forward-thinking, and broad-reaching change. In this spirit of “eco- optimism,” Sustainable Design: A Critical Guide navigates the array of issues related to sustainability in clear and helpful terms.

Written for students and professionals, this books presents a concise and well-illustrated overview of the most important techniques available for reducing energy footprints, along with the professional context for their use. In addition to tackling the discipline’s ethical responsibility, each chapter takes on specific considerations such as rainwater harvesting, gray-water recycling, passive heating techniques, green roofs, wind energy, daylighting, indoor air quality, material evaluation, and green building certification programs. Founded in the three Rs of environmentalism—reduce, reuse, and recycle—Sustainable Design encompasses a critical fourth: rethink.


- Ecodesign: What and Why

- Site Issues

- Water Efficiency

- Energy Efficiency: Passive Techniques

- Energy Efficiency: Active Techniques

- Indoor Environmental Quality

- Materials

- Labels and Ratings: Measuring Ecodesign

- The Future of Sustainable Design

About the Author:

David Bergman is a LEED-accredited, New York City-based architect specializing in sustainable design. He teaches at Parsons The New School for Design.

For further information, please contact: Margaret Rogalski, margaret@papress.com, 212 995 9620 x 208


ICFF- 2012 Booth #2440

Furniture New York will have a presence at this years International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York City. We will have a group booth with a sampling of members furniture and furnishings. Numerous members will have their own booths in the Furniture New York section and out on the floor.


Please visit the ICFF website for more information

FNY Group Booth – #2440

Oso Industries – #2438

Nico Yektai – #2436

Hellman-Chang – #2432

Laurie Beckerman – #2551

Matthew Fairbank Design – #1040

Tucker Robbins

Lisa Albin Iglooplay – #2432

Miles and May

Susan Wood

Brandon Phillips

FNY at The Architectural Digest Home Design Show

Furniture New York had a strong presence at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show on Pier 94. The show, now in its 10th year, is ever evolving. Crowds of interested designers, bloggers and consumers came to see the finest offerings in furniture and furnishings. FNY members were front and center in the “Made” section and out on the main floor. Visit the members profile for a closer look at their work.


May Furniture CO


Nico Yektai


Peter Harrison


Matthew Fairbank Design


Tucker Robbins