Let’s Rock: Health Benefits of Rocking Chairs

Relaxation, maturity, nostalgia, parenting… are some things that may come to mind when you see rocking chairs. On top of being fun & looking nice, rocking chairs possess a number of proven therapeutic benefits that make them far more than just a chair.

Here are a few insights into the health benefits:

1) Non-weight Bearing Exercise. Motion can help those with sedentary lifestyles to achieve muscle tone. Energy is exerted by the shifting body-weight back & forth, slowing respiration and lowering blood pressure. You can rock away depression, stress, & lose some weight all at once. (An average 150lb person burns 68 calories/hour sitting still and 150 calories/hour rocking in a chair.)

2) Rocking Helps Students with ADD & ADHD Focus Better in learning environments. According the Rocking Chair Therapy Research, the motion of rocking can satisfy the needs of kinesthetic learners by allowing them to stay alert and process information.

3) Pregnancy. Rocking a couple of minutes during pregnancy helps in the development of the nervous system of the fetus. Back pain and varicose veins can be prevented during pregnancy by rocking for a few minutes every day.

4) Social, Emotional, & Motor Development. Rocking in chairs & cradles help calm babies by simulating the experience of being cradled in the womb. The design of a rocking chair may provide armrests high enough to make breastfeeding or bottle feeding easy & comfortable. The rocking chair is a place where strong mother-child or father-child attachment is fostered.

5) For the Elderly. Reducing stress & anxiety, studies show those who rock regularly need less or no medication to deal with depression related issues. Rocking improves balancing skills, preventing accidents due to falling. Also, easy form of exercise for those who are inactive.

6) Post Surgery Recovery. Rocking has been found to help patients recover after an operation. After most surgeries, patients suffer from bowel dysfunction, in hospitals rocking has been known to help patients resume bowel activity sooner. Rocking helps reduce pain after an abdominal hysterectomy. In addition, it also helps patients to recover from a knee surgery with light exercise.

7) Arthritis. Rocking for about an hour everyday speeds recovery in patients, by improving the flexibility of the knees & strengthening muscles around the knees.

8) Alzheimer’s Disease & Dementia. Rocking is known to release endorphins, which help reduce anxiety. It is particularly helpful in mid-stage dementia patients, as they are very difficult to calm; rocking helps reduce their pain and soothes them. These diseases that are found in the elderly can be very arduous; rocking helps improve the overall health and well-being of such patients.


With these benefits, rocking chairs should be available in every home, hospital, & school. They are even becoming available in several airports throughout the country- from Boston to Sacramento.

For more info on the benefits of rocking chairs, check out the links below.
Let’s Rock!

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