Brooklyn Built Furniture From Sandy’s Scraps

Hurricane Sandy destroyed hundreds of homes, offices, and schools. It also hit the creative community hard, damaging dozens of artists’ studios and tons of work along the waterfront in Red Hook and Greenpoint. Now, creatives are leading a charge to turn their talents towards the relief efforts.

Francois Chambard, furniture designer behind UM Project, used storm-ravaged refuse from around Red Hook to create a collection of lamps whose proceeds will benefit Sandy Relief efforts.

Local artists and designers are invited by Reclaim NYC to create furniture using material reclaimed from storm cleanup sites, then the work will be auctioned off to benefit Sandy relief efforts. “We hope our fallen trees and storm-damaged building materials can be reborn as objects that represent the city’s recovery,” write the group’s founders. On December 19, Reclaim NYC will host its first auction, with work made by 24 artists and designers.

What a timely model of sustainability and contribution. The story says a lot about the about the New York Design Community.


Reading Between The Lines


More on the “Spirit” of materials- pieces like these celebrate the Natural Beauty of wood & the individual tree’s story. Cross-sections of trees reveal many secrets about their life and ecosystem, such as:

Age by the number of rings
Directional orientation
The predominant direction of the wind
Annual climate fluctuation
Health of the ecosystem
Tramas & healing
& the Will to Live!
Bringing Wisdom & Natural Beauty to your home or any space, this particular piece reveals 3 Hearts!

Do you know what other things are revealed by wood?